Enterprise Connect 2017

Mar 27, 2017 - Mar 30, 2017

Expo | Mon 4pm-7pm, Tues 11:30am-6pm, Wed 11:30am-4pm


Check out these links to learn even more about Cisco Collaboration or to provide feedback.

  • Collaboration Use Case Tool

    The Collaboration Use Case Tool from Cisco is an on-line tool which highlights 12 use cases that represent how customers use Cisco products. With this tool customers can identify their business goals and explore the different use cases that can help them meet those goals.

  • Project Workplace

    Project Workplace from Cisco is an on-line tool which can be accessed via tablet or a PC that brings a user step by step through the various room designs and ultimately creates the perfect video enabled workspace.  

  • Prioritize Teamwork to Deliver Results

    If you want employees to collaborate, the first two steps are simple: First, create an environment that prioritizes teamwork. Then provide the tools to make it work.